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Introduction of Investment Opportunities in Lorestan Province

1-Colored metal sheets manufacturing

2-Solar cells manufacturing

3-Black veil textile production

4-Light autoclaved concrete production

5-Paper production from lime

6- Four star hotel construction

7-Fig processing

8-Covered amusement park establishment

9-Polyethylene master batch production

10-Carpet waving workhouse complex

11-Printing ink production

12-Producing sanitary products and medicine packing tubes

13-Traffic control polyethylene equipment production

14-Producing urban plastic parts

15-Producing HPL and CPL sheets

16-Sheet production from alloy ABS-PVC

17-Refrigerator and sorting center

18-Cold-water fish pisciculture

19-glass fiber production unit establishment

20-establishment of the vegetable and fruits freezing factory

21-establishment of typical and hydrated lime production unit

22-establishment of industrial poultry unit

23-establishment of the blood meal, bone and meat powder unit

24-establishment of the leather production unit with modern technology

25-establishing polymer wood sheet production

26-establishing potato chips and semi-fried frozen chips (French Fries)

27-establishment of the chemical medicines

28-bone gelatin production

29-food industry complex establishment

30-Carton Plast production

31-fruit concentrate and puree production

32-Vermicompost fertilizer production

33-polypropylene gunny production plan for cement packing

34-the greenhouse establishment plan for cultivation of crops every season

35-pipe production from recycled rubber

36-establishment of the small-scale plant

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